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3D Modeling & CAD

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  RADlab 1.03 (Freeware)
  Virtual Radiation Detection Experiment Open Source Software Radiation detection and measurement education is necessary for a wide variety of people working with radiation. The equipments and laboratory setup needed for delivering this education are...
Faster Calculation, Libraries Updated, Cross Sections Updated, Radlab, Rad Lab
Size: 9.2 MB   OS:  Windows
Download RADlab 1.03 Download

  VarScan 2.3.3 (Freeware)
  The advent of massively parallel sequencing technologies has fundamentally changed the study of genetics. New platforms like the Illumina GAIIx and the Roche GS yield unprecedented levels of sequencing throughput. The analysis and interpretation of...
Snp Identifier, Identify Snp, Filter Variant, Identify, Identifier, Snp
Size: 82.0 KB   OS:  Windows
Download VarScan 2.3.3 Download
  Bentley View V8i (Freeware)
  Bentley View is a free DGN viewer, DWG viewer, and i-model viewer. It's the best tool for projects that require a powerful viewing, measuring, and printing application for MicroStation, AutoCAD, or hybrid projects using i-models. With an...
Cad Viewer, View Dxf, Export To Pdf, Viewer, View, Cad
Size: 290.0 MB   OS:  Windows
Download Bentley View V8i Download
  Espresso ELN 4.2.2 (Freeware)
  Espresso ELN is a chemistry electronic lab notebook (ELN), available for free in its local database version. It combines simple and intuitive handling with state of the art and beyond interface and functionality and is suited for all organization sizes...
Electronic Lab Notebook, Chemistry Software, Chemical Reaction, Electronic Lab, Chemistry, Laboratory
Size: 38.2 MB   OS:  Windows
Download Espresso ELN 4.2.2 Download
  GiTools 1.7.0 (Freeware)
  Gitools, is a framework for analysis and visualization of genomic data. Data and results are represented as browsable heatmaps. Gitools allows to import data directly from IntOGen and Biomart.
Genomic Data Analysis, Genomic Data Visualization, Analyze Genomic Data, Genome, Genomic Data, Analyze
Size: 26.2 MB   OS:  Windows
Download GiTools 1.7.0 Download
  LTspice IV 4.17b (Freeware)
  LTspice IV is a high performance SPICE simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of switching regulators. Our enhancements to SPICE have made simulating switching regulators extremely fast...
Switching Regulator, Simulate Regulator, Regulator Scheme, Regulator, Circuit, Capacitor
Size: 12.5 MB   OS:  Windows
Download LTspice IV 4.17b Download
  KaPiGraf 1.5 (Freeware)
  KaPiGraf shows your data as a chart easily and quickly. It also offers possibilities which you miss in MS Excel. And what is more, KaPiGraf will never bother you with unnecessary questions. After you open your file, you will see the preview of your...
Create Graph, Data Plotter, Graph Generator, Plotter, Plot, Graph
Size: 717.0 KB   OS:  Windows
Download KaPiGraf 1.5 Download
  Geneious Basic x64 6.0.3 (Freeware)
  Geneious is a useful, unique and easy-to-use software system which has been designed to greatly speed up and simplify the research in molecular biology and biochemistry. Geneious is a cross-platform research engine for the retrieval, organization and...
Molecular Biology, Biochemistry Research, Molecular Research, Bioinformatics, Biology, Research
Size: 50.2 MB   OS:  Windows
Download Geneious Basic x64 6.0.3 Download
  Euler Math Toolbox 19.3 (Freeware)
  The Euler Mathematical Toolbox is a software written and maintained by R. Grothmann, associate professor of mathematics at the University of Eichst+Att. Euler can also produce graphics and save the graphics in various formats, among them PNG and SVG....
Math Toolbox, Numerical Software, Mathematical Tool, Math, Mathematical, Numeric
Size: 66.6 MB   OS:  Windows
  GPdotNET 2.0 (Freeware)
  GPdotNET is artificial intelligence tool for applying Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithm in modeling and optimization of various engineering problems. It is .NET (Mono) application written in C# programming language which can run on both Windows...
Artificial Intelligence Utility, Genetic Programming Tool, Data Modeler, Genetic Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Modeler
Size: 963.0 KB   OS:  Windows
Download GPdotNET 2.0 Download
  ProfiCAD 7.3 (Freeware)
  ProfiCAD is the quickest and easiest way to create electrical documentation and schematic diagrams. Although it is very easy to learn and use, it is a professional tool used by a wide range of customers. FEATURES: easy to learn and use - just drag...
Electrical Diagram, Electrical Schema, Diagram Designer, Diagram, Designer, Connector
Size: 4.0 MB   OS:  Windows
Download ProfiCAD 7.3 Download
  Red Crab 4.30.00 (Freeware)
  RedCrab is a complex scientifical calculator with a full-screen editor. The mathematical expressions are not typed in a typical command line, but can be enter in the editor window. RedCrab display the result either under or next to the expression. The...
Scientifical Calculator, Mathematical Calculator, Text Editor, Calculator, Scientifical, Mathematical
Size: 1.3 MB   OS:  Windows
Download Red Crab 4.30.00 Download
  iXBlock 2.1.4 (Freeware)
  Replace blocks/objects in AutoCAD and Bricscad. With iXBlock you can replace blocks with a block or any objects with any object (lines with a text, circles with a block, etc.) and properties can be retained from the blocks/objects that are to be replaced.
Ixblock, Autocad, Bricscad, Block, Blocks, Object, Objects
Size: 4.1 MB   OS:  Windows
Download iXBlock 2.1.4 Download
  SimThyr 3.2.1 (Freeware)
  Thyroid hormones play an essential role for metabolism, growth and differentiation. Therefore, exact regulation of thyroid hormone levels is vital for most organisms. Although the principles of thyrotropic feedback control have been described decades...
Hypothesis Development, Biology Simulation, Simulation Tool, Simulation, Simulate, Simulator
Size: 6.3 MB   OS:  Windows
Download SimThyr 3.2.1 Download
  LibreEngineering 0.2.8 (Freeware)
  LibreEngineering - suite of instrumentation, electrical, mechanical, process engineering calculation and design programs and other tools. Licensed under GPL3. Written in Python with Qt toolkit. FEATURES: System International unit converter to NIST...
Python Calculator, Engineer Tool, Energy Calculator, Calculator, Engineer, Python
Size: 5.4 MB   OS:  Windows
Download LibreEngineering 0.2.8 Download
  iXText 2.1.3 (Freeware)
  Adjust text size to scale in AutoCAD and Bricscad. With iXText you can easily adjust text size of DTEXT and MTEXT relative to a given scale without changing the texts base point.
Ixtext, Autocad, Bricscad, Drawing, Units, Scale, Text
Size: 4.1 MB   OS:  Windows
Download iXText 2.1.3 Download
  Balancer Lite (Freeware)
  Balancer Lite is a free version. It is fully functional but works with small meshes only. The limits for a single mesh are 15000 triangles and 10000 vertices. If your entire model is large but has many small independent meshes or layers, you can still...
3d Optimizer, Optimize Polygon Count, Optimize 3d Model, Optimizer, Optimize, Simplification
Size: 3.1 MB   OS:  Windows
Download Balancer Lite Download
  URG Benri 1.1.19 (Freeware)
  URG Benri was created as a small and useful software utility that can be used for viewing, recording and replaying URG sensor data. URG Benri is an application that allows its users to view sensor information, plot sensor data, record sensor data into...
Urg Recorder, Urg Viewer, Urg Replay, Urg, Sensor, Viewer
Size: 10.9 MB   OS:  Windows
  GazeParser 0.6.0 (Freeware)
  GazeParser, a simple software that was developed to offer an accessible environment to help record and analyze human eye movement. GazeParser is a software that's been designed in the Python programming language. You will now be able to easily...
Eye Movement, Movement Recorder, Eye Recorder, Eye, Recorder, Movement
Size: 256.0 KB   OS:  Windows
Download GazeParser 0.6.0 Download
  SoundStepper (Freeware)
  SoundStepper is a 100% software telescope controller, for Windows. Using audio hardware to real-time control step motors, it requires only simple external analog current amplifier to operate. Most systems of this type is written in any language for...
Telescope Controller, Control Telescope, Telescope Mount, Controller, Control, Telescope
Size: 1024.0 KB   OS:  Windows
Download SoundStepper Download
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