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2D Barcode FMX Components
FoneLab for Android 3.1.28
Mgosoft PCL To PDF SDK 12.5.1
Mgosoft PCL To PDF Command Line 12.5.1
Mgosoft PCL To PDF Converter 12.5.1
DataNumen Data Recovery 2.4
AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player 6.5.8
AnyMP4 iPhone Data Recovery 9.0.56
AnyMP4 Blu-ray Toolkit 6.1.30
AnyMP4 DVD Converter 7.2.22
AnyMP4 TransMate 1.0.20
AnyMP4 Mac Video Enhancement 8.2.20
AnyMP4 MXF Converter for Mac 8.2.20
AnyMP4 MP4 Converter for Mac 8.2.26 
AnyMP4 Video Enhancement 7.2.32
DataNumen Disk Image 2.2
AnyMP4 DVD Toolkit for Mac 8.1.20
RationalPlan Project Viewer for Mac 5.6
Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer 2.0.30
Install Package IronPdf 2020.12.3
Allavsoft for Mac
Aiseesoft Mac Blu-ray Player 6.5.20
The .Net PDF Library 2020.12.3
EaseTag Tiered Storage Filter Driver SDK
Multiple Search and Replace 6.2
WebSite Auditor Professional 4.48.4
Express Burn Plus for Mac 9.22
ClickCharts FlowCharts Free for Mac 5.70
UFS Explorer Standard Recovery 8.11
LAN Exam Maker Professional 4.16.0
Advanced TIFF Editor
EasyBilling Invoicing Software 8.6.2
BestCrypt Volume Encryption 4.24.2
Able Fax Tif View
1D Barcode VCL Components
2D Barcode VCL Components
myLauncher 2019.4
UFS Explorer RAID Recovery 8.11
Avdshare Video Converter
4dots Empty Folder Cleaner 2.6
EaseFilter Data Protection SDK
PDF To JPG Expert 2.8
EaseFilter File System Filter Driver SDK
SoundTap Free Mac Audio Stream Recorder 6.25
SoundTap Pro Edition for Mac 6.25
Vorbital Player 4.43
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3D Modeling & CAD

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  LibreCAD 2.0.0 Beta 1 (Freeware)
  LibreCAD is a free Open Source personal CAD application for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Support and documentation is free from our large, dedicated community of users, contributors and developers. You, too, can also get involved!
Cad Editor, Edit Cad, Create Dxf, Cad, Editor, Edit
Size: 14.2 MB   OS:  Windows
Download LibreCAD 2.0.0 Beta 1 Download

  Panoply 64bit 3.1.6 Build CAV (Freeware)
  Panoply 64bit is a cross-platform application which plots geo-gridded arrays from netCDF, HDF and GRIB datasets. You can: * Slice and plot specific latitude-longitude, latitude-vertical, or time-latitude arrays from larger multidimensional variables....
Plot Raster Image, Longitude Image, Pole-to-pole Image, Raster Image, Rasterize, Raster, 64bit
Size: 13.5 MB   OS:  Windows
  Palaeomagnetic Tools 4.2a (Freeware)
  A wide variety of applications in directional statistics, geology, palaeomagnetism, geomagnetism, archaeomagnetism, structural geology etc. Works with text files, with column based data in an endless variety of adaptable formats. Also utilizes...
Statistical Analysis, Generate Plot, Geomagnetic Statistics, Analysis, Analyze, Statistics
Size: 6.8 MB   OS:  Windows
Download Palaeomagnetic Tools 4.2a Download
  YAFU 1.33 (Freeware)
  YAFU or Yet Another Factoring Utility is an interactive Command Line instrument for integer factorization. YAFU has a general purpose function, factor, which tries to optimally reduce a number to its factors using a combination of all of the...
Integer Factorization, Multi-threaded Siqs, Fermat Method, Factorization, Integer, Fermat
Size: 4.7 MB   OS:  Windows
Download YAFU 1.33 Download
  Sweet Home 3D 3.7 (Freeware)
  Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design application that helps you place your furniture on a house 2D plan, with a 3D preview. Sweet Home 3D helps you to design your interior quickly and easily: draw the walls of your home upon the image of an...
Interior Design, Interior Design Software, Placing Your Furniture, Free Interior Design Software, 2d Plan, 3d Plan, 3d Preview
Size: 30.0 MB   OS:  Windows
Download Sweet Home 3D 3.7 Download
  Geogiga Front End 7.1 (Freeware)
  Geogiga Front End is designed to QC and preprocess single shot record. You can convert data formats, analyze amplitude decay, correct trigger delay, assign geometry, mute seismic traces, run frequency filter, gain control, vertical stacking, and such....
Preprocess Seismic Data, Analyze Amplitude Decay, Correct Trigger Delay, Viewer, Editor, Correct
Size: 5.1 MB   OS:  Windows
Download Geogiga Front End 7.1 Download
  MagicPlot Student 2.3 (Freeware)
  MagicPlot is a handy tool for scientific and engineer data processing, plotting and nonlinear fitting. MagicPlot is powerful enough and consistent. Advantages * Compact: Single file ~2 MB * Multilevel undo function for all actions * Useful plot...
Nonlinear Fitting, Create Plot, Customizable Plot, Plotter, Plot, Fitter
Size: 2.2 MB   OS:  Windows
Download MagicPlot Student 2.3 Download
  MagicPlot Calculator 1.1 (Freeware)
  MagicPlot Calculator is a free scientific formula calculator from MagicPlot graphing application. A fast and usable calculator to compute complex formulas! FEATURES: TE Syntax hightlighting in formula and result TE Parentheses matching TE...
Formula Calculator, Scientific Calculator, Calculate Formula, Calculator, Formula, Scientific
Size: 72.0 KB   OS:  Windows
Download MagicPlot Calculator 1.1 Download
  KEMET Spice 3.9.66 (Freeware)
  KEMET Spice Software is freeware intended to aid design engineers in analyzing the performance of these capacitors over frequency, temperature, ripple, and DC bias conditions. The capacitor types include ceramic (MLCC), tantalum, polymer, and aluminum...
Capacitor Simulation, Simulate Capacitor Performance, Test Capacitor, Capacitor, Simulation, Simulate
Size: 14.8 MB   OS:  Windows
Download KEMET Spice 3.9.66 Download
  Engauge Digitizer for Windows 4.1 (Freeware)
  Engauge Digitizer - Digitizing software This open source, digitizing software converts an image file showing a graph or map, into numbers. The image file can come from a scanner, digital camera or screenshot. The numbers can be read on the screen, and...
Digitize Image, Image To Number, Process Image, Digitize, Convert, Digitizer
Size: 7.1 MB   OS:  Windows
Download Engauge Digitizer for Windows 4.1 Download
  Martis Lite 1.2.0 (Freeware)
  Martis is a software program to create and edit GPS vector maps visually with the focus on GarminTę devices and maps. A special attention was given ease of use. If you ever worked with a vector graphics program you'll be familiar with creating...
Gps, Geographic Maps, Gps Maps, Vector Maps, Map Editor
Size: 19.0 MB   OS:  Windows
  SolveDiffEq (Freeware)
  SolveDiffEq is a standalone application which allows you to numerically solve differential equations and evaluate definite integrals of your choosing. Using the Runge-Kutta method, SolveDiffEq can solve any number of coupled differential equations of...
Solve Differential Equation, Differential Equation, Equation Solver, Solve, Equation, Differential
Size: 6.2 MB   OS:  Windows
Download SolveDiffEq Download
  Caliper2PC (Freeware)
  Lowly priced digital calipers have been available on the market for some years. Most of them are produced in China or the Far East and possess a serial interface, over which measuring data can be transferred to other devices. Despite their price ($10 -...
Digital Caliper, Virtual Caliper, Digital Readout Software, Digital Readout, Caliper, Tachometer
Size: 1.3 MB   OS:  Windows
Download Caliper2PC Download
  Mobile Atlas Creator 1.9.9 (Freeware)
  Mobile Atlas Creator (formerly known as TrekBuddy Atlas Creator) is an open source (GPL) program which creates offline atlases for GPS handhelds and cell phone applications like TrekBuddy, AndNav and other Android and WindowsCE based applications....
Create Atlas, Generate Atlas, Atlas Creator, Generator, Generate, Create
Size: 2.0 MB   OS:  Windows
Download Mobile Atlas Creator 1.9.9 Download
  MicroDicom 0.2.2 (Freeware)
  MicroDicom is application for primary processing and preservation of medical images in DICOM format. It is equipped with most common tools for manipulation of DICOM images and it has an intuitive user interface. It also has the advantage of being free...
View Dicom Image, Edit Dicom Image, Dicom Image Editor, Viewer, View, Dicom
Size: 4.5 MB   OS:  Windows
Download MicroDicom 0.2.2 Download
  Portable MicroDicom x64 0.7.6 (Freeware)
  MicroDicom is application for primary processing and preservation of medical images in DICOM format. It is equipped with most common tools for manipulation of DICOM images and it has an intuitive user interface. It also has the advantage of being free...
View Dicom Image, Edit Dicom Image, Dicom Image Editor, Viewer, View, Dicom
Size: 4.5 MB   OS:  Windows
Download Portable MicroDicom x64 0.7.6 Download
  AstroTortilla x64 (Freeware)
  AstroMate x64 is a project for automating repeating astrophotography tasks, such as equatorial mount polar alignment and target centering, by integrating existing tools and especially plate solving to the ASCOM telescope control interface. This project...
X64 Astrophotography Task, X64 Equatorial Mount, X64 Polar Alignment, X64 Astrophotography, X64 Equator, X64 Polar
Size: 9.3 MB   OS:  Windows
Download AstroTortilla x64 Download
  MZmine 2.10 (Freeware)
  MZmine 2 is an open-source project delivering a software for mass-spectrometry data processing, with the main focus on LC-MS data. It is based on the original MZmine toolbox described in 2006 Bioinformatics publication, but has been completely...
Analyze Mass Spectrometry Data, Mass Spectrometry Data Analyzer, Compile Raw Data, Analysis, Analyze, Analyzer
Size: 89.1 MB   OS:  Windows
Download MZmine 2.10 Download
  GraceGTK 0.6.1 (Freeware)
  GraceGTK is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to offer you an evolution of the Grace grapher. It is based on the GTK API with higher interactivity and new features such as a tree view of the drawing and contour levels curves....
Create Graph, Graph Editor, Edit Graph, Creator, Edit, Editor
Size: 11.9 MB   OS:  Windows
Download GraceGTK 0.6.1 Download
  Plotting GUI (Freeware)
  The project tries to supply an easy to use measurement data visualization and treatment framework being easy to use while keeping the freedom for advanced users to execute additional data treatment algorithms. The program is build on a object...
Data Plotter, Plot Data, Measurement Framework, Plot, Plotter, Measurement
Size: 41.9 MB   OS:  Windows
Download Plotting GUI Download
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